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Towing in Matthews NC


When you rely on the 485 for your daily commute to downtown Charlotte, you don’t think much about the condition of your car. However, you might not realize just how quickly a vehicle can go from cruising at 55 MPH, down to a halt on the edge of the road.

Whether you hit black ice in winter, struck a deep pothole, had an engine issue or other problems, you now need to hire a local towing service Matthews, NC drivers can trust. Unfortunately, many towing company Matthews, NC providers aren’t local, and they can take hours to locate you in the process.

When you need reliable towing Matthews, NC has many options available in professional service providers. However, it’s Matthews Towing Service that more people call because they know that we always remain accessible for their job.

We continue performing as your best Matthews NC towing service, providing you faster, more dependable technicians 24-hours of every day. When you need to call a tow truck, Matthews, NC residents turn to us time and again for superior service and affordable pricing.

When other towing companies leave room for improvement, we strive for perfect towing for every call.

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Schedule A Service Now!

Matthews Towing Services


The problem with many service providers who advertise themselves as a “tow truck near me” often aren’t anywhere near where you broke down. Whether they service a specific area of the city or they commute in from somewhere else, it takes them forever to find and assist you.

However, choosing us means getting the local and reliable driver time and again, no matter what the nature of your situation might remain. Tire blowouts, engine failure, dead vehicle batteries, and other issues are not a match for our experienced and dependable drivers.

Other companies only offer to haul your vehicle, and they’ll charge a fortune to do so. When it’s late at night or the early morning hours, they will likely tack on an additional service fee as well.

Instead, we always offer to solve more of your issues and provide you with the lowest pricing possible, no matter what it is that has stopped your vehicle from making its way home. When you need the fast, affordable, and local provider of complete towing solutions, you won’t find a more trustworthy team than ours.

See why more residents turn to us 24-hours of every day for towing services.

Our Towing Services

When a company insists on only towing a car, it often doesn’t make sense for the damages that took place. A flat tire, for instance, doesn’t need to get loaded and hauled away, nor should you need to pay the added expense of moving it.

Instead, our experienced team of towing drivers can provide a variety of repair services, as well as fast and affordable vehicle hauling. Whatever service options benefit your car the most, you can count on us to save you more each time. 

Why spend more on towing when a better choice is here?

24 Hour Towing

No matter when you need help, our drivers stay ready for your call 24-hours daily.

Dead Battery Jumps

Jumping cables stay dangerous to you and your vehicle, but we have a safer solution.

Winch-Out Services

When your vehicle gets stuck, the best solution is to winch it back out again.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Battery jumps and unlocking services shouldn’t have a time limit, and neither do our drivers.


Flat Tire Repair & Replacement

Sudden tire blowouts and damaged wheel rims are no match for our talented repair technicians.


Vehicle Lock Outs

Car locksmiths charge a fortune, but we can help you save on vehicle unlocking services.

The Best Towing Company in Matthews NC

Our community lies at the outer edge of the Charlotte area, making it a challenge to find the exact service providers that you need the most. When it comes to hauling your vehicle away from a traffic accident, a soft shoulder and ditch, or from tire damage problems, it makes your situation that much more stressful.

When a towing company driver informs you that they should be there within three or four hours, it only makes your heart sink. You still have lots that you need to get done today, and you can’t afford to sit around on the side of the road.

Instead, our local technicians know how to find you no matter where you have broken down throughout the community. Our experienced towing drivers know the city well, and they always provide a practical and affordable solution for any event.

Hiring a local towing service should help ease your frustrations, and not make them worse. When you need affordable pricing and reduced wait times, you can count on us for the best tow possible daily.

No one else reaches you faster or saves you more on service. Call us when you need help for less.

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Our team has built a reputation around remaining the local towing experts that you can trust. Whether it’s our lower pricing, the service options we offer, or our faster arrivals, there are plenty of reasons why people choose our technicians time and again.

No other service provider offers to do what we can, and they will always charge you more for basic service calls. When you need contractors who can do more than haul your car, you won’t find a more qualified company than us.

Stop spending more than you should on driver services you don’t need.

Contact Matthews Towing Service

It doesn’t matter what time of day or evening it is, or what has stopped your vehicle. When you contact our team, you’re choosing the fastest and most affordable choice for complete towing solutions.

When other companies stop taking calls for the day, our team stays prepared for your needs no matter when you contact us. We ensure that one of our technicians will remain available to help with any situation you find.

More area drivers know that we remain the best in professional towing services. When your car deserves the best, contact Matthews Towing Service first.

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