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Although vehicle issues can take on many forms while you’re driving, for most of them, they all have the same solution. Time and again, whether your tires ruptured, or you have steam pouring from your car’s hood, you likely need a local Matthews, North Carolina, towing services provider.

Unfortunately, most companies that advertise local service are not operating from the community. They send drivers from out of town, taking even longer to show up and haul your cars.

Instead, the team at Matthews Towing Service remains the trusted choice in local towing solutions. From faster arrivals, more convenient service, and a broader range of options, we can help you save more time, money, and frustration that with anyone else in town.

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24 Hour Towing

It always feels much easier to hire a tow driver when it’s the middle of the afternoon. However, not everyone stays available for your call after evening rush hour dies down.

Our team stays at the ready for your service call, and you can count on us all 24-hours of every day. Whether you’ve experienced a mechanical emergency late at night or your morning commute is giving you trouble, contact us first.

Dead Battery Jumps

You never realized that the passenger side door never got closed all the way, and now the interior light staying on has completely drained your battery. Now that you’re holding heavy bags of produce, dairy, and raw meat, you can’t afford to let them all spoil.

We provide professional battery jumpstarts using professional charging equipment. We can recharge your car’s battery in no time, getting you back home sooner every time.

Flat Tire Repair & Replacement

You haven’t needed to change a tire in decades, and now you have a flat. As the other cars zoom past you at nearly 80 miles per hour, you know that now is not the time for a refresher course.

Our drivers act as your pit crew to remove any flat and replace it fast. Or, if it requires some roadside repairs, we can take care of them as well.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

How many times have you wound up paying for an expensive tow because your car battery died? Or, how many occasions has a flat tire forced you to pay for hauling services?

When you find the exact option that solves your immediate issues, it helps you save on faster, more convenient service. We provide affordable roadside assistance services that will answer any needs that you have now at lower pricing daily.

Winch-Out Services

When you have something that gets stuck in the mud, you need to yank it back out before fixing it. Unfortunately, when someone finds that they have driven into soft soils, washed-out road shoulders, or even ditches, they throw their back out trying to force their car to move.

Our staff provides fast and affordable winch-out services to free your vehicle from any hazard. And if it doesn’t start, we’ll gladly haul it.


Vehicle Lockouts

Locking your keys inside of your vehicle only makes for a frustrating situation. Unfortunately, when the moon is out, it’s tough to find a service provider that is still operating for the day.

Most drivers believe that they must call for an expensive mobile locksmith service, but our team provides a better solution. We use the same tools and equipment that they would, opening your door quickly at a fraction of their costs.

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